The UV index is particularly high in hot summer, so be careful that the sun makes you old!

In the scorching summer, it is sunny and rainy. The UV index is always maintained at a "very high" level regardless of whether there is sunlight or not. Strong ultraviolet rays are irradiated on the body. If proper sun protection is not done, the skin condition will definitely light up. Good sun protection, skin will age earlier!

The older you get, the less elastic your skin?The real reason is...

As we get older, but our body functions decline, the skin will become less elastic, and the skin condition will become more and more sluggish, and the appearance of sagging, sagging, dryness, wrinkles, dullness, roughness, and yellow face will be delayed. Aging and keeping the skin young is exactly what every lady dreams of!Let us understand the real reason why skin is becoming less elastic!

Know how to eat "collagen", all women have "flexible muscles"!

In recent years, collagen has become the new darling of many women who love beauty because of its use in medical cosmetology. Whether it is eating, drinking, rubbing, as long as it is related to "collagen", it will become a hot commodity.In fact, how to supplement collagen is the most effective?Let us understand what collagen is.

Women do not sunscreen, their skin ages fast!Must-see skin maintenance method!

In the hot summer days, skin problems are most likely to occur. Ultraviolet rays are the most important external factor that causes skin aging. Good sun protection can prevent skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, and dull complexion. The first thing to do in skin care is to do a good job of sun protection. "jobs!Of course, the more important thing is to do internal maintenance!

The secret of white skin elasticity!Ladies must eat this...

Women want skin to be firm and fair forever. In addition to daily skin care products and Facial maintenance, one more thing is also very important, which is to replenish collagen. Let us know how to replenish collagen correctly, and how to correct our skin. Better, choose the reddest collagen in the world!

Start skinning from the bottom of the skin!All women must know how to eat "red collagen"!

Ladies pay great attention to skin care, and they must wear skin care and sunscreen products every day before going out. However, most women often neglect to care for the skin from the bottom of the skin, so that the use of many skin care products fails to achieve the expected results. .As we get older, skin elasticity will get worse and fine lines and wrinkles will increase. How can we combat the signs of aging?

Summon "Bounce Muscle"!You need to eat these 10 foods!

Women’s beauty is an endless topic. In fact, skin care is not difficult. As long as we use the right method, it will become very easy. Everyone knows that diet has an impact on our skin. The right diet will affect our skin. Have a good impact.Here are 10 foods rich in collagen. Eat more of these foods to keep you young!

Can collagen help me resist UV?But what is the best way to supplement collagen?

The sun has been very fierce recently, and daily use of sunscreen and moisturizing products cannot completely repair skin damage.But it turns out that collagen can help women resist UV. I believe that many of you who love beauty are eager to try it.What are the functions and effects of collagen?Which type of people need collagen supplementation most?Let us explore it!

There will be a belly! ?

For health and beauty, many people will carry out extreme weight loss plans, but the wrong method will make the belly lingering!To reduce your belly, you must first find out that "Is there a belly?" Belly is caused by the accumulation of bad habits. Let's look at the following 6 evil causes. How many of them have you got?

Do you have any problems with your skin for "one second" on the computer?A universal moisturizer for travel

I believe that you who love to travel will never miss any opportunity to leave, but the plane is linked to the word "dry", and the altitude of more than 100 feet, the dry air, whether it is a long or short flight, will make your skin become Dry, dry lines appear on the surface.Many people will bring a lot of moisturizers on the machine to fight against, in fact, why do you need to be so troublesome, just turn the skin essence into a XNUMXml spray pack and bring it with you, and spray it whenever the skin is dry, you can lighten the face. ..

Do you know how to make sure the water is locked?The correct way to moisturize turned out to be...

Regardless of the weather, moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin is the primary skin care task of every woman.However, it is not enough to rely on moisturizing creams. It is necessary to cooperate with daily skin care knowledge to reduce the chance of skin moisture loss. "Moisturizing" is actually divided into two levels. After understanding the difference between the two, it is not difficult to think that the skin is always moisturized.

Is over-maintenance not necessarily good?Simple skin care is king

"Ten years young in one night" and "beautiful in one night" should be the dream voice of many women. In order to achieve the goal quickly, you will apply a variety of skin care products every day.In fact, the lengthy skin care steps will not only make the skin unable to absorb, but will also be responsible for the skin and ultimately cause waste.