Do you have any problems with your skin for "one second" on the computer?A universal moisturizer for travel

I believe that you who love to travel will never miss any opportunity to leave, but the plane is linked to the word "dry", the altitude of more than XNUMX feet, the dry air, whether it is a long-distance or a short-distance flight, will make your skin become Dry, dry lines appear on the surface.Many people will bring a lot of moisturizing products on the machine to fight, in fact, why do you need to be so troublesome, just turn the essence of the skin into100 mlBring the machine with you in your own spray pack. Whenever the skin is dry, spray it to reduce dry lines on the face, relieve tightness and roughness, and keep the skin moisturized and soft.

Every time I take a long-distance flight, I feel like I've been 10 years old and my skin is full of dry lines.We canNo.1 one second essenceRefrigerate in the refrigerator first, and put it into spray vials before going on the machine so that you can carry it with you. When the skin feels(I.e.When, spray immediately forQuickly hydrate the skin,Continuously repair muscle bottom cells!

To further add extra moisture to the skin, it is not enough to spray the moisturizing spray regularly on the plane. You need to apply a mask to solve the urgent need.willNo.1 one second essenceSoak the whole piece of compressed mask paper and use it before applyingNo.1 one second essenceSpray wet the entire face, and then apply the mask, its endless high-efficiency nutrients can beQuickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, Make the skin reachMoisturizing,Light lines,ShinyEffect.Skin like a beautyspaIt is soft and smooth, you can apply any moisturizing product after applying it to double its moisturizing effect.No.1 one second essenceMask, containingBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence, Can help youSkin whitening!

Go to tropical places, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and other countries where the summer is hot all year round. Just step out of the air-conditioned room and there will be a warm air.Take outNo.1 one second essenceSpray one spray all over, instantlyrefresh, Regain vitality.No.1 one second essenceMore1 second penetration.59 seconds to penetrate and moisturize the bottom of the skin.Long-lasting deep hydration throughout the dayLock waterEfficacy, so you have it at any momentMoisturizing and brighteningOfFlawless tender skin!

One skin essence = a variety of moisturizing products

If you forget to bring enough moisturizing products when you travel, don’t panic!Because the skin essence is aUniversal anti-agingOf moisturizing products containing95%The above high-concentration pure fermented essence, with small particles, can quickly penetrate the skin, lock in moisture, and fight aging.It can also be mixed with various repair products to use1-2Two drops of skin essence, drip into the repair products you need, such as essence, cream, mask, base cream, liquid foundation, body moisturizer, etc., can make all kinds of repair products play a more extreme effect. For the skin all day longReplenish without interruption, Let youSkin is moist and soft.

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcoholAndUnscented,inMade in Korea, Contains 6 kinds of fermented essence: Fermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence.can1 second penetration.59 seconds to penetrate and moisturize the bottom of the skin, Play all dayLong lasting deep moisturizingWater-locking effect.No.1 one second essenceIt can double the effect of subsequent skin care products!Let you have a moist, bright and flawless tender skin at any moment!

Reduce the chance of sensitive attacks

Faced with changes in the climate of an unfamiliar environment, skin problems such as itching, peeling, and redness are easy to find.It's hard to find a doctor for help if you are out of town.Frequent use of the skin essence can moisturize the skin at any time, and also relieve skin discomforts, allowing you to easily cope with changes in the environment.

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.Does not contain any chemical ingredients,Excludedpreservative,No alcohol,Unscented,Safe & Secure.Mild nature.Does not cause skin allergies, Definitely"Sensitive muscle savior".Passed rigorous testing by 8 major authoritative institutions around the world and received as many as19A test certificate and evaluation report, affirming the natural ingredients, Safe and efficient!