Your skin care routine is out?Skin has entered the era of "micro repair"

Cleansing, toning, and facial creams are the basic skin care routines that any woman will remember when she dreams. Entering the 22nd century, everything is pursuing a "new" word. Women are not reconciled to the concept of skin care only in these three steps.The skin essence, which has become popular in recent years, has changed the entire beauty industry. Its appearance has made skin care steps more detailed and simplified, breaking the old traditional basic repair thinking, "micro repair" The era began.


Double the follow-up effect

The emergence of the skin essence was originally based on the usage of Japanese beauty essences. After cleansing the skin, the skin essence was used to prime the skin, and then the toner was used to promote the absorption of the skin essence. The purpose was to provide better skin care products in the future. The penetration of the skin, the skin has good absorption, and the repair can be more effective.Slowly to the present, its status has replaced the toner, which reduces the complexity of skin care steps, and can double the follow-up maintenance effect.

No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serum, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence,forReplenish skin moisture.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan makeSkin is more elastic.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumBetterDouble the effect of follow-up skin care products!


Japan and South Korea are the best

In fact, skin essence is very common in the Asian market, especially in Japan and South Korea, because their classification of skin care products is more detailed than that of Europe and America. It can be seen that Asian women are more careful about skin care.In Japan and Korea, there were more than95%The above women’s habit of using skin essences, this extra maintenance has taken a certain importance in their hearts, and it also shows everyone that the beauty trend has entered the simple and fast era of "micro repair".

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Aging and drying affect absorption

For a healthy skin, the secretion of water and oil is in a balanced state, but when the skin is aging and the weather is dry, the water and oil of the skin will become unbalanced, the secretion of oil will decrease, and the moisture in the stratum corneum will be drained and become hard and thick. (That is dead skin).In addition, in autumn and winter, the body's metabolism will slow down, and the skin's absorption capacity will also decrease.Generally, the more moisturizing repair products contain larger molecules of oily ingredients, which are difficult to be absorbed by the skin. All the above problems will greatly reduce the repair effect.Just use in the morning and eveningBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceOfNo.1 one second essence, Coupled with skin care products suitable for you, the skin immediatelyRejuvenate youthful vitality.


Open up the two veins of responsibility and supervision for the skin

At this time, the essence of the muscle base plays a key role. It is an intermediate toning product that can help you get through the skin’s "Ren and Du channels". Its hydrophilic and lipophilic formula makes the skin absorb without stress and It can open the skin from the epidermal layer to the dermis layer, allowing the beauty ingredients to penetrate quickly and immediately, and the effect is immediately visible.Its functional requirements are more dedicated to repairing the skin's DNA, and more focused on repairing damaged cells than essences. The purpose is to regulate the skin's foundation and comprehensively combat aging problems.No.1 one second essenceImpliesSake fermentation essencePossibleStrengthen skin DNA,makeSkin is clear and shiny.Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceHelp youRemove aging cuticle,makeSkin is delicate and smooth.