"Big belly" is more terrifying than obesity!

The limbs are not fat, the weight is not excessive, only bigBellyYou can just ignore it?Then you are one step closer to death!A study in the United States shows that if the weight is normal but tallBelly, The risk of death is overweight2Times!So don’t watchCentral obesity", that can make you suffer from "Three high"!

what is"Central obesity"?

Men's waist circumference exceeds90 cm, Women's waist circumference exceeds80 cmIs "Central obesity"! "Central obesity"Not restricted by age, although "height and body mass index" (BMI) Can reflect the degree of body obesity, but cannot calculate the body fat distribution, so many people evenBMIDoes not exceed the standard, but already belongs to "Central obesity"The column!

"Central obesity"Why is it more dangerous than being overweight?"

The meat that you "pick" with your hands is subcutaneous fat, and the inner fat that you can't feel is abdominal fat. That is an invisible fatal crisis!The larger the waist circumference, the more abdominal fat!Endocrinology and diabetes specialists said that abdominal fat can release harmful substances, destroy blood vessel health, damage kidney function, and greatly increase the appearance of "Three high"risks of!

How to preventCentral obesity"?

Eating high-fat and high-calorie foods, sleeping irregularly, and excessive life pressure can all causeCentral obesity"!Sitting for a long time, less activity, etc. are also causes of obesity, so manyOLEven if you control your diet for a long time, you still can't reduce your belly!To get rid of the old belly, we must rely on "external force", but the many slimming products in the market are dazzling, how should we choose?Look forOpen blood vesselsAnd the ingredients that enhance metabolic function!

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