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I tested 17 moisturizing creams available in Hong Kong, and found that brand-name and expensive products are not necessarily the best, and more than half of the products were tested to have allergenic and skin irritating ingredients. Long-term use will cause damage to the skin.In fact, moisturizing products alone are not enough to moisturize the skin. You have to pay attention to skills and knowledge.skinZero dryness, have you done the following?


1. Don't over wash your face

Experts have suggested not to over-wash your face, because too much cleansing will destroy the protective film on the outermost surface of the skin, impairing the barrier function of the skin, and washing away the right amount of oil, making the skin drier and more fragile. It is recommended to cleanse your face a day The number of times cannot exceed 2 times.

After washing the face, you can immediately apply the moisturizing and locking effectNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serum, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence.Replenish moisture to the skin.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan makeSkin is more elastic.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumBetterDouble the effect of follow-up skin care products!


2. Moisturize immediately after cleansing

After washing the face, because the skin's moisture evaporates naturally, the temperature of the skin will cool down, and the vasoconstriction will cause dryness and peeling of the skin, which is prone to wrinkles.Therefore, after cleansing, immediately use the skin essence to quickly replenish moisture and lock the skin, and balance the skin's water and oil content.

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3. Don't apply the mask too long

Applying a moisturizing mask is also a must do homework in any weather, but do not think that the longer the mask is applied, the more the ingredients will be absorbed. On the contrary, if it is applied for a long time, especially the paper mask, it will drain the moisture and sebum of the skin and make you If the gain is not worth the loss, it is recommended that the best time to apply the mask is 15 to 20 minutes.

Apply a "cold soak" as soon as possible after going home at nightNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumFacial mask, more immediately relieves skin fever and redness, containsBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence, Can help youSkin whitening!


4. Both water and oil

Many people only care about moisturizing the skin, often neglecting the supplement of oil. In fact, the skin needs a proper amount of oil as a moisturizing barrier to prevent the moisture in the epidermis from evaporating. You can use hyaluronic acid and vitamins first.B5Essences such as moisturizing ingredients help the skin absorb water, and then use a cream containing glycerin, jojoba oil, petrolatum and other oil-locking agents to protect the epidermis of the skin and exert its water-locking effect. The skin has an appropriate moisture content. , It can balance the water and oil content, thereby reducing the chance of dry skin.

No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serum, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence,forReplenish skin moisture.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan makeSkin is more elastic.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.


5. Sleeping mask is essential

Night is the best time for skin repair, and it is also the time when moisture loss is the most. Because at night, sleeping in a static position for a long time will make the skin's moisture more likely to evaporate, and you don't want the skin to become tight and dry after waking up. The problem, you can apply a moisturizing-based sleeping mask before going to bed.Although it was said that you should not apply the mask for too long, the design of the sleep mask is a bit like a night cream, suitable for long-term application, and you are not afraid that it will drain the skin.So when you wake up the next day, your skin will continue to be supple.

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6. Instantly use skin essence

No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumContains two powerful moisturizing ingredients:Yeast fermentation essenceAndImperata cylindrica fermented essence, The former can increase the amount of hyaluronic acid at the bottom of the muscle and restore the skinFull bouncing.The latter can help inject moisture into the skin's surface, increase the skin's moisture content, and balance water and oil.When you dry it, your skin will immediatelyRejuvenation, Even the deep part of the skin feels that there is sufficient moisture to maintain the moisture of the skin. Another important point is thatDouble the absorption power of the skin.Strengthen the repair effect, Help the skin all the timeReveal water bright skinstatus.


7. Do not use hot water to wash your face

In winter, you will unconsciously use overheated water to clean your face and take a bath, so that the skin's sebum film is washed away, making the skin lack of oil and causing dryness and itching. If you wash off too much oil, it will accelerate the skin aging problem. Prone to aging symptoms such as enlarged pores, sagging, and wrinkles.The best water temperature should be kept at35At around ℃, it can gently remove the sebum, dust and residues on the surface.