After 15 minutes of exposure, the skin will "heat aging"! 3 quick-acting skin cooling methods

You knowUVWill make the skinRapid aging, So I have been doing it carefullySun protectionTime, but did you know that temperature is no less harmful to the skin than ultraviolet rays?Just look at how high temperature harms the skin, and how to "see tricks" to keep your skin young and up!

1. show15minute = Skin "heat aging"In addition to ultraviolet rays UVA, UVB and UVC, sunlight also contains a lot of heat generated by infrared rays. The authoritative magazine "Personal Care Magazine" once reported that the skin temperature can be increased to 15 minutes by direct exposure to the sun in summer for 20-40 minutes. Above ℃!The heat of infrared rays activates matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the skin. MMPs destroy the extracellular matrix of the dermis, thereby destroying the structure of collagen, inhibiting the formation of new collagen, and causing the skin to appear "heat aging" symptoms!SolutionIn addition to sunscreen before going out, you can useNatural and pure ingredientsSpecialHighly moisturizingFunctionalSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented EssenceOfNo.1 one second essence.willNo.1 one second essenceKeep refrigerated in the refrigerator and put it into a spray bottle before going out so that you can carry it with you. When the skin feels hot, spray it immediately.Fast hydrationCool down,Continuously repair muscle bottom cells!After going home at night, apply a "cold soak" as soon as possibleNo.1 one second essenceFacial mask, more immediately relieves skin fever and redness, containsBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence, It can help you whiten your skin!

2. Wash face with hot water = Destroy the sebum membraneThink that washing your face with hot water after oily skin will be more clean and thorough?In fact, the temperature of the cleansing water is too hot and it will harm the skin!Hot water will excessively wash away the oil on the surface of the skin, destroy the natural sebum film, make the skin dry and sensitive, and aging problems such as large pores, roughness, wrinkles, and sagging will follow!

SolutionThe ideal water temperature for facial cleansing is 35°C. This temperature will not wash away the skin's protective film and oil, and will not close the pores due to the cold water temperature, making it impossible to wash away dirt and dust.Want to cool the skin?After washing the face, you can immediately apply the moisturizing and locking effectNo.1 one second essence, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence, For the skinAdd water.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan makeSkin is more elastic.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.No.1 one second essenceBetterDouble the effect of follow-up skin care products!

3. per liter1 = More oil10%As the temperature of the skin continues to rise, the blood vessels will slowly expand, causing skin problems such as sensitive redness, which makes people with sensitive skin miserable!And every time the temperature rises by 1℃, the oil output of the skin will increase by 10%, and the moisture will be reduced by 10% at the same time, which makes the skin's sebum membrane water and oil ratio imbalance, resulting in dehydration of the skin!

SolutionControlling oil on the skin may make the oil-water imbalance worse, and the skin will become more sensitive!At this time, you most need to moisturize the skin deeply.MoisturizingAdd one to two drops to essence and creamNo.1 one second essenceMixed use will help the ingredients penetrate and strengthen themMoisturizingeffect.No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcohol,Unscented,Safe & Secure.Mild nature.Does not cause skin allergies, Absolutely"Sensitive muscle savior".andNo.1 one second essenceMore containedFermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence,canOne second penetration, 59 secondsExtreme penetrationMoisturize the bottom of the skin, exert a long-lasting deep layer throughout the dayMoisturizingWater-locking effect, So you have it at all timesMoisturizing and brighteningFlawless tender skin!