Are there really "preservative-free" skin care products?You need to know "lactic acid bacteria"!

Whether it is food, coating or industrial use, preservatives are everywhere in our lives!And it has always been linked to words such as "chemical substances", "harmful to the body/skin", "harmful", etc., making ladies feel guilty of smelling "corrupt"!Are there any "natural preservatives" products on the market? What is the principle of "natural preservatives"?


"No additives" is not really no additives!

Most skin care products contain preservatives that can damage the skinDNACells, accelerate skin aging, make the skin lose its elasticity, produce fine lines, and parabens (paraben) Is the most common harmful preservative ingredient!Even if it claims to be a "additive-free" product, it does not mean that it has no preservatives and fragrances. Many people think that "additive-free" = "natural". This is a very wrong concept, but the chemical ingredients used are safer That's it!Although the antiseptic ingredients of organic products come from natural plants, they also have the potential to cause skin allergies!

No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumNatural ingredients,Preservative-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, safe and reliable, Mild in nature, will not cause skin allergies, absolutely"Sensitive muscle savior". andNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumMore containedFermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence,canOne second penetration.59 seconds to penetrate and moisturize the bottom of the skin, To play a long-lasting deep moisturizing and water-locking effect throughout the day, so you have it at any momentMoisturizing, brightening and flawless skin!


Natural preservative-lactic acid bacteria

It is not difficult at all to find out the natural antiseptic ingredients, in fact it often appears around us!Cheese, cheese, kimchi and lactic acid drinks are all fermented by lactic acid bacteria!Fermentation is carried out in a sealed environment through yeast or fungi (lactic acid bacteria). During this process, carbon dioxide and natural antiseptic substances such as alcohol or lactic acid are produced. These fermented essences with high antioxidant and natural antiseptic functions are exactly what we need The precious ingredient, in addition to fermented food, it can also be used in skin care products!

After washing the face, you can immediately apply the moisturizing and locking effectNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serum, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence, For the skinAdd water.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan make the skinMore elastic.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumBetterDouble the effect of follow-up skin care products!


Fermented essence can effectively resist aging

Lactic acid fermentation essence can not only prevent bad microorganisms from spoiling and reduce toxicity, but also increase the effectiveness of skin care products!No.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumDeveloped in Korea, based on "strain isolation" and "DNAFingerprint” made by cutting-edge technologytotal effect pre-serum. Per bottleBoth contain more than 95% of high-concentration fermented essence. It has been clinically proven that long-term use of it can be full-effect anti-aging, and deeply repair damaged cells, fundamentally improve skin texture, and improve dry, sagging, loose, rough, dull, and dull skin. Yellowing and wrinkles are the 7 major aging problems!Its tiny molecules can reallyPenetrate the bottom of the muscle, Even moreDouble the effect of follow-up skin care products, After use, your skin will reappear as white and smooth as a newborn baby from the inside out, with a translucent glow!


3Extended shelf life of lactic acid bacteria

Many users have this question: SinceNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumAll natural ingredients, Why can the preservation period last for two years?The reason is simple, becauseNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumThe three lactic acid fermentation extracts contained in soy milk, brown rice, and soybeans are the most natural preservatives!In addition to the essenceNo chemical preservatives, no alcohol, fragrance and coloring, Suitable for any skin type, so you can100% Long-term use with peace of mind, leaving skin thoroughlyReply young, A brand new look!