Blindfolded, dry eyes, and can't see the fine print?Teach you a full range of anti-aging eyes!

Do you think presbyopia is the "patent" of the elderly?wrong!Modern people often play with mobile phones and use computers to overwork their eyes and age prematurely, even at the age of 30, they have presbyopia!

Middle-aged eyes are fine and aging due to chronic oxidation

Blindfolded eyes, dry eyes, red streaks, eyesight, thin words, etc. are all symptoms of aging eyes. The survey report* pointed out that more than half of middle-aged people have symptoms of aging eyes. Free radicals increase, causing chronic oxidation.For example, chronic oxidation of the crystals in the eyeball and aging of the ciliary muscles will cause presbyopia.Blindfold and dry eyes are the first stage of aging. If you don’t protect your eyes early, serious eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma may occur within 5 years!

Can eating dark green vegetables and deep-sea fish effectively protect eyes?

To effectively protect your eyes, you must take in enough anti-nutrient nutrients.The more anti-nutrient nutrients, the more free radicals can be eliminated and aging can be delayed.Can eating more dark green vegetables and deep-sea fish be effective in protecting eyes?In fact, the anti-nutrition components of dark green vegetables and deep-sea fish are extremely limited. Although meat and animal blood contain anti-nutrition components, they lose their activity once heated, greatly reducing their anti-nutrition effects.The most common blueberry can only help the vitreous body and the blood vessels of the eye to resist oxidation, not enough to protect the eyes in all directions.

Anti-nutrition ingredients


Different parts of the eyes need different antioxidant nutrients

To fight off aging, the key lies in multiple and diversified antioxidant nutrients, because each part of the eye such as the ciliary muscle, cornea, lens, and vitreous requires different antioxidant nutrients. Therefore, what you really need is... , Diversified and targetedAntioxidant eye-reinforcing ingredients!


Antioxidant nutrients needed by all parts of the eyes

Diligent in maintenance, alleviate the crisis of eye aging!

Most eye health foods on the market have only a single ingredient, failing to resolve the aging crisis in all aspects!When choosing healthy foods for replenishing eyes, it is necessary to identify high-efficiency ingredients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, SOD, CoQ10, DHA, and their combined antioxidant power is 11 times higher than that of vitamin C, which can be described as a good eye protection!

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