God-level skin care... 1 base essence is enough!Moisturizing, whitening, multi-effect, repairing and beautiful skin, Young Up

"One night young for ten years, one night to be beautiful" should be the dream of many women. In order to achieve their goals, do you apply a variety of skin care products every day?In fact, the lengthy skin care steps will not only make the skin unable to absorb, but also burden the skin!To get the effect of "God-level" skin care, you need an essence that is rare in the world to repair the skin's bottom-No. 1 one-second divine water!

The emergence of the skin essence subverted the inefficient and cumbersome skin care tradition in the market.In fact, ordinary skin care products will only stay on the surface of the skin to play a role, and the nutrients cannot penetrate deep into the skin. No amount of skin care products are used in vain!No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceContaining more than 95% concentration of fermented essence, itsStrong penetration in one second, Can soften the dry and thick stratum corneumOpen skin channels,Deep into the bottom of the muscle.Repair skin DNA cells, Improve the absorption capacity, make the follow-up essences and creams easier to penetrate and absorb, and double the repair effect!So, God-level skin care... 1 base essence is enough. Without it as the "leading force", the follow-up skin care will be in vain!

Why choose No.1 One-Second Shen Shui Muscle Essence?

1. Natural ingredients save sensitive skin

Studies in the United States have confirmed that toxic chemicals absorbed through the skin will directly penetrate into the blood vessels. If the skin care products used contain chemical ingredients such as preservatives and artificial fragrances, it is tantamount to "murder" the skin and poison the body.No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceThe skin essence is an all-natural active ingredient, which is not easy to cause skin allergies. The formula is mild, free of preservatives, chemical pigments, chemical fragrances and chemical surfactants, and has passed the clinical human irritation test by French dermatologists and the skin recognized by Hong Kong government The irritation test, double verification, to ensure safety and harmlessness, and does not contain any sensitizing ingredients, it is the best choice to rescue sensitive muscles.

2. The 6 fermented essences of scientific research strength
Natural ingredients must be developed with high technology before they can be transformed into valuable skin nutrition.In recent years, the hot fermentation technology is to turn the effective ingredients of skin care products into smaller molecules that are easier to absorb, making the product easier to penetrate the skin and exert stronger effects. This is why fermented skin care products are so popular.No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceThe skin essence combines a variety of natural plant extracts and 6 main probiotic strains fermentation extracts, including sake fermentation extract, soybean lactic acid bacteria fermentation extract, brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation extract, cypress root yeast fermentation extract, mistletoe yeast fermentation extract, soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation extract , It can quickly improve the skin's brightness, moisture, firmness, whitening, elasticity and help reduce wrinkles.

3. Save time, money and multi-effect skin care

The skin care methods of many frozen-age actresses are based on simplicity and simplicity. You know that complicated skin care routines are out of fashion!Use No.1 after cleansingNo. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceAfter that, apply essence and cream.In addition to regaining your skin's advantages of moisturization, radiance, whiteness, firmness, and elasticity, it can also strengthen and repair the DNA of the skin, and comprehensively combat aging problems.

Seeing this, I believe you also desire to have skin that can be broken like a BB.useNo. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceAfter applying the skin essence, you will feel the penetration in 1 second, and your skin will be moisturized in 59 seconds; in 5 days, your skin will become visibly shiny; in 14 days, you will feel the skin returning to white, smooth and elastic; 21 days , Pores are tightened and smooth.The above changes are enough to prove,No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme EssenceIt is the efficient, fast and versatile "God-level" repair product you have been looking for.

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