Can't skin white?Because you don't know whitening! Deconstruction of 7 whitening fallacies

I believe that many ladies have the same troubles, that is, they try to use a lot of whitening products, but the skin tone is stillStain,Still lingering, no matter how hard you try, it seems to be in vain!Want to know the reason?Just because of yourWhiteningThe concept was wrong from the beginning!Take a look at the followingWhiteningHow many items did you win?

1. The more whitening ingredients in whitening products, the better?

A goodWhiteningThere will be no single productWhiteningIngredients, but borrow  2-3  Kinds of active ingredients have a synergistic effect, allowingWhiteningThe effect is better.butWhiteningToo many ingredients will cause skin irritation, so it is not recommended to use more thanWhiteningIngredientWhiteningproduct.

No.1 one second essenceContainsFermented soybean extractcanEffective moisturizing.Sake fermentation essencePossibleBrighten skin.Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceHelp youSkin whitening, 3 kinds of ingredients have a synergistic effect, complement each other and play betterWhiteningeffect!

2. The higher the concentration of whitening ingredients, the better?

The higher the concentration of the ingredients, the better the effect will be, but the relative irritation will be greatly improved, which will cause damage to the skin. Your tender skin may not be able to bear it. If the concentration is too high, the molecules will be larger. Difficult to penetrate into the bottom of the musclesWhiteningeffect!

No.1 one second essenceThe molecules are small and can be1 second to penetrate the bottom of the muscle, Achieve efficient deep repair andDouble the repair effect, For your skin to resist agingWhitening, Make you fall in love with one use!

3. Can the focus spot removal pen be applied completely?

The whitening ingredients of these productsWhiteningCompared with cream and cream, the concentration and permeability are very high, so it is relatively irritating, so it is not recommended to apply it completely.For people with skin allergies, there areWhiteningIngredientNo.1 one second essenceIt is definitely your better choice.

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcohol,Unscented,Safe & Secure.Mild nature.Does not cause skin allergies, Definitely"Sensitive muscle savior".

4. Can whitening products only be used at night?

In fact, use morning and eveningWhiteningProducts, the effect will be better, but pay attention to products containing "dihydroxybenzene", because it is photosensitive, it may become darker with daytime use!wantWhitening, It is recommended to choose products with warmer ingredients, such asBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,vitaminC, Arbutin, ellagic acid, kojic acid and chamomile, etc., for morning and evening repairs for the best results.

Just use in the morning and eveningBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceOfNo.1 one second essence, Coupled with skin care products suitable for you, the skin immediatelyRejuvenate youthful vitality.

5. Can exfoliating whiten?

The effect of exfoliation is only to remove the aging cuticle, so that the skin is no longer dull and rough, but there is noWhiteningEffectiveness, and frequent exfoliation will make the skin thin and sensitive, and lose its moisturizing ability. It is recommended1Most exfoliating in a weekTimes.

No.1 one second essenceImpliesSake fermentation essencePossibleStrengthen skin DNA,makeSkin is clear and shiny.Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceHelp youRemove aging cuticle,makeSkin is delicate and smooth.

6. Faster skin renewal and whitening effect?

Some people are eager to pursueWhiteningThe effect is to choose skin rejuvenation products that use fruit acid, salicylic acid, etc. to accelerate exfoliation, but these ingredients are more likely to cause skin allergies, causing skin problems such as redness and itching!For effective skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to chooseFermented essence,Pure natural ingredientsSkin care products, fermented essence has superiorWhiteningEfficacy, more helpfulExfoliate aging skinAndFades stains, To restore your skinWhite and smooth!

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients, no preservatives, no alcohol and no fragrance, containing 6 kinds of fermented essence: Fermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence.canOne second penetration, 59 secondsExtreme penetrationMoisturize the bottom of the skin, exert a long-lasting deep layer throughout the dayMoisturizingAnd water-locking effect, so you have it at any timeMoisturizing and brighteningFlawless tender skin!

7. Ignore moisturizing for whitening?

WhiteningComplementary with moisturizing to have the best peeling effect!Plants or fruit acids, etc.WhiteningThe ingredients will accelerate the exfoliation of keratin and make the skin dry and dry, so useWhiteningWhen the product, must add moisturizing effectNo.1 one second essence!In daily useWhiteningMixed in product  1-2  dropNo.1 one second essence, Apply evenly on the entire surface, and continue to use it to make the skin moisturized and white, creating a new look!