Is over-maintenance not necessarily good?Simple skin care is king

"One night young for ten years","Be beautiful overnight', Should be the aspirations of many women's dreams, in order to quickly achieve your goals, you will apply a variety of skin care products every day.In fact, the lengthy skin care steps will not only make the skin unable to absorb, but will also be responsible for the skin and ultimately cause waste.

Have you ever counted how many of the skin care products you use are truly all-natural ingredients?A British chemist has done experiments, and a woman absorbs about2.3Kilograms of chemical substances, and chemical substances enter the body from the skin, over time, will gradually become chronic dermatitis, making the skin more and more fragile.Therefore, the choice of skin care products should be based on simplicity, aNo.1No. One Brown Rice Gold Supreme Essencetotal effect pre-serumTo give youWhite slip tightYour skin will be instantly beautiful and feel at ease!

Can't load the skin

When a lot of essence cream is applied thickly, can your skin afford it?Someone has studied it, if you use it every day6Kinds of skin care products: cleansing, toner,Essence, eye cream, face cream, sunscreen.If calculated by the density of water, the total weight of these skin care products is495g.Use every day5.5g, One year is4kgUp.In fact, the metabolic capacity of skin cells is limited. If the skin absorbs too much nutrients, it will make it impossible for the skin to absorb, and it will burden the skin because it cannot breathe. It may even clog pores, causing granules, acne, sensitive skin inflammation, etc. problem.In this way, you need to spend more time to cook!

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcohol,Unscented,Safe & Secure, Mild in nature, extracted from Korean fermented beauty nutrition, effectiveTargets skin DNA aging.Does not contain any chemical ingredients, Does not cause skin allergies, absolutely"Sensitive muscle savior".


Make it simple

Putting various things on the skin endlessly every day is indeed a heavy burden.In fact, simple basic maintenance can show the effect of muscle age reversal.And the essence of the skin is subverting the inefficient, cumbersome and lengthy repair tradition in the shop!Just apply the essence of the skin after cleansing, and then apply the essence and cream.

No.1 one second essenceforFull effecttotal effect pre-serum, contains 6 kinds of natural enzymesIngredients, can play 6 times the efficacy and activity,1 second penetration,59 seconds moist, 5 days visibly bright,Make your skin whiter in 14 days.slip.tight.bomb .Refine pores in 21 days, Let you be pretty from the bottom of your muscles to the end!Effectively repair the skin's defense layer, lock the skin's moisture, and make the skinMoist and plumpStatus, helpfulStrengthen muscle base DNA, Quickly improve dullness and improve skin brightness.It can more effectively open the skin's penetration channel, enlarge the absorption capacity, make subsequent products quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, and double the effect. It is yoursNo.1 skin care step!From then on, your skin care steps have become time-saving and cost-saving, but have an effective repair effect, which can definitely meet your basic needs when you are busy.

Natural ingredients

The skin essence is an all-natural active ingredient, which is not easy to cause skin allergies. It has a mild formula, no preservatives, chemical pigments, chemical fragrances and chemical surfactants, and has passed the clinical human irritation test by French dermatologists and the skin of the Hong Kong government authorized organization The irritation test and double verification ensure safety and harmlessness, and it does not contain any sensitizing ingredients. It is the best choice to rescue sensitive skin.

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcoholAndUnscented, Contains 6 kinds of fermented essence: Fermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence.can1 second penetration, 59 seconds of extremely fast penetration and moisturizing the bottom of the skin, full-day long-lasting deep moisturizing and water-locking effect, so that you have it at any timeMoisturizing and brighteningOfFlawless tender skin!

The emergence of the essence of the skin is to promote the philosophy of simple skin care, emphasizing the efficiency of simple and effective skin care, and one-time repair can achieve high-efficiency results.At the same time, it conforms to the principles of environmental protection and economy. This is the way of healthy skin pursued by the new era and new women.