Hong Kong people are "broken"!Bone!Hurt the liver!

The global pollution problem brooks no delay. The environment in Hong Kong is getting worse and worse, and air and light pollution has not been greatly improved.Citizens are forced to be exposed to the polluted environment, and their breathing, spirit, and vision are polluted.In addition to the general environment, the home and work environment are often overlooked and even more dangerous.

Hong Kong space triggers a health crisis

According to a foreign website research, the per capita living area in Hong Kong is the smallest in the world, only 15 square meters (161 square feet).Insufficient space for activities forces Hong Kong people’s bad habits and long-term lack of physical stretching, which further encourages the bowers to rely on mobile phones for their only activities.Similarly, most offices in Hong Kong are still closed environments, and the air quality is questionable. In addition, traditional offices still stay in the old-style office chairs, sitting for long periods of time and become sick. It is even more useless to talk about the office space.The health problems caused by space have not been taken squarely. Hong Kong people have been "injured" eyes, bones, and livers without realizing it.

Urban disease

Hong Kong-style life exacerbates chronic degradation

The worst is "Hong Kong-style living habits."A survey found that Hong Kong is the city with the longest working hours in the world, with an average working hours of more than 50 hours per week. Office workers OT, students "drive the night train," and stay overnight is a commonplace meal.What's more terrible is that Hong Kong people are very hard-working even for entertainment. All-night dramas, computer games, and night cards happen late in the evening. Sitting for a long time at night hurts eyes and liver.In addition to Hong Kong-style eating habits, such as big fish and meat, irregular eating, junk food, etc., other habits such as lack of exercise and excessive smoking and alcohol are chronic suicides.

Hong Kong people's bad habits


Eyes, joints, liver will be the first to bear the brunt

Life is pressing and the external environment cannot be changed. If the citizens are not paying attention, the risk of chronic degeneration will be aggravated. The eyes, joints and liver will bear the brunt. The "time bomb" in the body will detonate at any time!The only thing Hong Kong people can do is to "make up for themselves."Hong Kong people need to "birth, regenerate and improve their eyesight" as soon as possible. Start with lifestyle habits, correct bad lifestyle habits, pay attention to diet and exercise more.In addition, it is necessary to supplement the liver, joints and eyes with nutrients, such as absorbing the corresponding diversified nutrients.

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