10 kinds of diet to clear the stool, help you lose your belly!

Constipation is a problem that every Hong Kong person who lacks exercise will face sooner or later!A person of medium build hides36 kgThe bed will allow you to have a huge belly!Chinese medicine also pointed out that the toxins produced in the stool can affect the digestive system and reach all parts of the body through the blood, becoming the number one enemy of health and skin!Look at how to detoxify and get rid of belly with diet remedies!


1. Eat black fungus

To live the bowel and bowel movement, fiber supplementation is the top priority!In addition to being very friendly to the "three high" people, the blood-releasing effect of black fungus is also extremely high in fiber content.100g has6.5G-fiber, regular consumption can help the probiotics in the intestines proliferate, promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation and reduce fat!Eat every day3Take a palm-sized black fungus!Or you can takePure aloe essenceIngredient[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanCan help youLive bowel defecation.Eliminate belly.


2. Drink cold milk on an empty stomach

Most Hong Kong people are lactose intolerant patients. The body lacks the lactase enzyme needed to absorb milk. Milk contains a lot of lactose. If lactose enters the intestines, it can be quickly excreted. Cold drinks will also enhance intestinal motility. , You will find that you have to go to the toilet soon after drinking cold milk!Of course, this remedy can only be done occasionally!You can also takeBuckthorn Skin EssenceIngredient[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanCan help youSmooth the bowel.Eliminate belly.


3. Drink honey water after getting up

Studies have proved that honey can make the gastric acid secrete normally, regulate the gastrointestinal tract and promote intestinal peristalsis, and help you clear your belly!Drinking honey water at a fixed time can also cultivate regular bowel habits.1day1Secondary bodyYoung Up!But honey contains sugar, so other diets should reduce sugar!And those containing pure martial arts leaf extract and organic chromium[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanCan help youReduce sugar and fat.Steady three highs.


4. Eat pears after a meal

Eating fruit immediately after a meal can cause gastrointestinal indigestion, so eat a pear half an hour later!Pears are very low in calories and can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, helping you to pass stools smoothly!each100gPear meat contains3Gram fiber, needless to say, you also know that you can prevent constipation and eliminate fat belly!Take before meals2Granules15Big activityNatural ingredientsOf[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan Wan, More effective to help you strongEliminate bellyAndOpen blood vessels.


5. Daily1apple

Apples and bananas are both famous "defecation fruits", let's talk about apples first!The rich pectin contained in apples can clean the intestines and help clear the stool, and the insoluble fiber it contains can increase the amount of bowel movement, allowing you to pass more cleanly.Eat between meals1Apples, but don’t eat more than2One, otherwise it’s easy to get fat!and[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanAlso includesPure cloth dead leaf essence,Juniper Seed Extract,Bearberry Leaf Essence, HelpfulDrain the lymphSo that you canExpels toxins.Remove edema!


6. EveryDay1Ripe banana

Speaking of laxatives, the first fruit you think of must be bananas!How powerful are bananas?Bananas, like apples, contain oligosaccharides and fructose, which can lubricate the intestines and help laxatives, but more than that. If people with chronic constipation are anxious about bowel movements, eating bananas can stabilize the nerves, relax the mood, and help reduce bowel fat!ContainsPatentClinical Digestion FormulaAmerican Bitter Orange Extract ((Famous Advantra Z-55% Synephrine),American Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract ((Famous Super CitriMax-65% HCA)Of[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan Wan, Help you nowPowerful to reduce fat and burn fat.


7. Drink plenty of water to detoxify

Drinking water is the easiest way to detoxify, everyone can do it!Don't underestimate the importance of water for defecation. Warm water can warm the intestines and greatly increase metabolism. Even if you absorb more fiber, you will be useless without drinking water!Drink water every day2Times, before meals2grain[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan Wan, CanFat Burning Pork Belly, Coupled with exercise, the effect is immediate3 times upgrade!


8. Drink green tea

Many women’s favorites ─ ─ green tea, drink more in addition to beauty, its tea polyphenols can promote defecation, improve constipation, keep the intestines unobstructed, and promote body metabolism!and[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanWhich containsPure green tea essence,caffeine,Ginkgo ExtractThe digestive ingredients, can be powerfulBurn fat and promote blood circulation, Allowing you to achieve weight loss faster!


9. Have dinner1Sweet potatoes

Replace your dinner with sweet potatoes!The calories of sweet potato itself are not very low, but the nutritional value is very high!It is rich in fiber and pectin, which can prevent the conversion of sugar into fat, and also helps clear the intestines and detox, and defecate and lose weight with one stone!Remember to control the amount of each meal200gAround, probably a mediumsizeSweet potatoes!Eliminates belly faster, healthier, no longer belly!


10. Drink Prune Juice

Prunes contain sorbitol, which is a natural laxative that is harmless to the body and is called "intestinal scavenger"!If you can't buy fresh prunes, use sugar-free prunes juice instead!Because prunes have a strong defecation effect, remember to drink only when you can go to the toilet at any time in the "time, place, and people". Do not drink more than1cup!


The bowel effects of the above diet vary from person to person!But take it every day[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanIt definitely works![Belly Cut Pro Expert]-7th Dai Xiao Wan WanDeveloped with Korean technology, including15Large active ingredients, including:U.S. pure 98% CoQ10Enzyme,Pure 20,000FUNatto Enzyme,American Bitter Orange Extract ((Famous Advantra Z-55% Synephrine),American Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract ((Famous Super CitriMax-65% HCA).Pure green tea essence,caffeine,Ginkgo Extract,Refined cane element,Pure martial arts leaf essence,Organic chromium,Pure aloe essence,Buckthorn Skin Essence,Pure cloth dead leaf essence,Juniper Seed Extract,Bearberry Leaf Essence, It is the most active ingredient in the whole Hong Kong.effectiveOpen blood vessels.Balance blood pressure.Steady three highsTo make youDiminish the belly healthy!Food for men‧ for men, food for women‧ thin for women!