Summon "Bounce Muscle"!You need to eat these 10 foods!

Women’s beauty is an endless topic. In fact, skin care is not difficult. As long as we use the right method, it will become very easy. Everyone knows that diet has an impact on our skin. The right diet will affect our skin. Have a good impact.Here are 10 foods rich in collagen. Eat more of these foods to keep you young!


1. Tremella

Tremella is rich in plant collagen, which can invigorate the spleen and appetite, nourish yin and moisturize the lungs; long-term consumption of Tremella can moisturize the skin, and has the effect of removing chloasma and freckles on the face.Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. The content of calcium and iron is high. In every 643 grams of white fungus, it contains 30.4 mg of calcium and XNUMX mg of iron.Tremella also contains glycogen such as trehalose and mannitol, which has high nutritional value and is a high-level nourishing supplement.


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2. Trotter

Trotter contains more protein, fat and carbohydrates, and contains beneficial ingredients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, D, E, and K.As a "sacred beauty product", trotters are rich in collagen, but the fat content is lower than fat; eating more can keep the skin soft and delicate, improve the body's microcirculation, and promote the growth of hair and nails.Of course, the calories of pig's trotters are not low. It is recommended to boil and drain off the fat before eating. The calories should be lower!


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3. Flower Maw

Fish maw, fish maw, is a dried product of various fish maws, which is famous for its rich gum.The main ingredients of flower maw are collagen, various vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, zinc, iron and selenium.The high-protein but low-fat properties allow women to nourish without worrying about gaining weight. It has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, beautifying skin, and quickly eliminating fatigue.


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4. Pigskin

Pig skin contains a lot of collagen, which can slow down the aging of the body's cells; scientific research has found that regular consumption of pig skin has the effect of delaying aging.And biological research has also found that if the human body lacks collagen, the mechanism of the body's cells to store water will be hindered; the amount of cell-bound water will be significantly reduced, and the body will experience "dehydration", such as dry skin, desquamation, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles Hengsheng and so on.


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5. Shrimps

The nutritional value of shrimp skin is very high. Each 100 grams of shrimp skin contains 39.3 grams of protein, which is much higher than that of large yellow croaker, yellow eel, pomfret and other aquatic products and meat products such as beef, pork and chicken.Shrimp skin is richer in collagen, so you can eat more shrimp skin to supplement collagen in your daily life.Shrimp skin also contains a lot of calcium. It is recommended that those with calcium deficiency can drink more shrimp skin soup to supplement calcium.


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6. Fish skin

Many people don't know that fish skin is rich in collagen. For example, every 100g of dry shark skin contains 67.1g of protein and 0.5g of fat. The protein is collagen, which is good for beauty and calcium supplement.Regular consumption can play a beautifying effect.Usually you can eat more fish skin in moderation, because the cholesterol content in fish skin is very low.


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7. Beef tendon

Beef tendon is rich in proteoglycans and collagen, and its fat content is lower than that of fatty meat. Regular eating makes the skin more elastic and tough, delays skin aging, and is more effective for anti-wrinkle skin beauty.In addition, beef tendon does not contain cholesterol, has the effect of strengthening the muscles and bones, has a good therapeutic effect on the soreness of the waist and knees, and has the effect of supplementing calcium.


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8. Chicken feet

Chicken feet have high nutritional value, rich in calcium and collagen, eating more can soften blood vessels, and also have beauty effects. Under the action of enzymes, collagen can provide hyaluronic acid needed by skin cells and moisturize the skin. Sufficient to maintain elasticity, thereby preventing skin from sagging and wrinkles.Note that the calories of chicken feet are not low. 100g has 250 calories. It can be made into braised chicken feet and eaten as a snack. You can eat 1 or 2 each time.


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9. Beans

Beans and soy products contain high protein, generally between 20-40%. Soybeans have the highest content. The protein content of 1 kg of soybeans is approximately equivalent to more than 2 kg of lean pork or 3 kg of eggs or 12 kg of milk.Therefore, soybeans are called "plant flesh".Many people think that collagen is mainly concentrated in meat. In fact, beans are as rich in collagen, and eating plant protein is less likely to gain weight.Most legumes contain progesterone, which can effectively improve circulation in the human body and is one of the most suitable foods for women.


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10. Cheese

Cheese is a product made by concentrated fermentation of milk. It basically removes a large amount of water in milk and retains the essence of high nutritional value. It is known as the "gold of milk".Each kilogram of cheese product concentrates 10 kilograms of milk’s protein, calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients needed by the human body, which are good for the intestines and digestive system. With rich protein and enough satiety, cheese can be eaten during weight loss.