Can collagen help me resist UV?But what is the best way to supplement collagen?

The sun has been very fierce recently, and daily use of sunscreen and moisturizing products cannot completely repair skin damage.But it turns out that collagen can help women resist UV. I believe that many of you who love beauty are eager to try it.What are the functions and effects of collagen?Which type of people need collagen supplementation most?Let us explore it!


Collagen has many benefits

Collagen in human skin accounts for72%, Of which dermis accounts for80%.Collagen can lock water, support cells, make cells plump and hydrated, and make the skin look elastic, delicate and smooth.Collagen is an important material for repairing damaged tissues. When the collagen in the dermis is oxidized, the supporting effect on the epidermis will disappear, and wrinkles will be produced.Collagen can moisturize the skin and it can be said to be a strong backing for the dermis.Collagen also has a better repairing effect on damaged skin.After taking pure collagen, the skin will become more delicate, smooth, fine lines reduced, and complexion white.


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How to supplement collagen?

1. Eat foods containing collagen

Pig bone soup, fish maw, pig skin, etc. are all collagen-containing foods.But a large part of it is filtered out by the human digestive system, so the amount that can actually reach the skin and work is very limited.

2. Direct subcutaneous injection

It is used to fill deep wrinkles, but the collagen injected into the skin will be gradually absorbed by the body, so its effect can only last for six months to one year, and it is more likely to cause side effects such as allergies and infections.

3. Oral small molecule collagen

This is currently the most mature and effective method of collagen supplementation, but it should be noted that it is best to use pure natural small-molecule collagen without additives to truly enter the dermis to help repair the skin and rebuild collagen.


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For people:

1. Ageing and solar radiation factors cause skin aging such as sagging, sagging, wrinkles and dryness.

2. The skin is dull and dull, yellowed, and skin elasticity is poor due to tiredness at work and lack of sleep.

3. Abnormal melanin secretion is strong in the body, and a large amount of it is deposited on the surface of the skin. The skin cannot metabolize abnormal melanin in time, forming various spots.Such as stains, chloasma, freckles, early age spots and so on.

4. Long-term outdoor activities and improper skin maintenance can damage the skin, cause premature fine lines, dry skin, peeling, redness, and enlarged pores.

5. Endocrine dysfunction, poor skin texture, oily and dark skin, color marks and pigmentation left by acne.

6. Irregular life, smoking and other factors, caused problems such as dark circles and bags under the eyes.

7. Long-term work near the computer, computer radiation causes hair loss and endocrine disorders.


Growing age and strong sunlight will deactivate skin mitochondria, which will further reduce skin collagen, cause wrinkles, skin allergies and aging....[Red collagen shot white pill] ...UVRepair.Activate young.Powerful Sunshine UV Repair.Instantly induce beautiful skin vitality!