The secret of white skin elasticity!Ladies must eat this...

Women want skin to be firm and fair forever. In addition to daily skin care products and Facial maintenance, one more thing is also very important, which is to replenish collagen. Let us know how to replenish collagen correctly, and how to correct our skin. Better, choose the reddest collagen in the world!


Collagen supports the skin to maintain elasticity

Collagen is a nutrient that must be supplemented by the human body to delay aging. It accounts for more than 30% of the body's total protein. There are approximately 3 kg of collagen in the body of an adult.It is widely present in the skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, joints, and hair tissues of the human body. It plays a triple anti-aging effect of support, repair and protection; collagen is especially important for supporting the skin, maintaining skin elasticity and moisture.


Loss of collagen causes dry and loose skin

With age, the body's metabolism will change. Women generally reach the peak of their metabolism at the age of 25, and then gradually decline.Metabolism becomes slow, and the growth rate of collagen is lower than the metabolic rate, and collagen loss will naturally occur.When the collagen content in the body drops, it loses the power to support the skin. The external manifestation is that the skin appears dry and loose and elastic.


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To prevent collagen loss, you must...

To integrate the causes of collagen loss, we should reduce sugar intake and increase the absorption of vitamin C. At the same time, we should pay attention to sun protection and exercise more. What is more necessary is to maintain the ability of collagen to regenerate and replenish collagen.


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Eating these can replenish collagen

Collagen mostly exists in animals. In fact, many animal foods contain collagen. In addition to common trotters and meat skins, collagen-rich foods mainly include beef tendons, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken skin, and fish. Skin and cartilage, etc., should pay attention to eating a lot of the above animal collagen, supplementing collagen will have the opportunity to increase your weight.


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Fish collagen is most absorbed by the body

Among the many collagens, fish collagen is the most beneficial to the human body.Because the structure of fish collagen is closest to that of the human body, it is the most easily recognized and absorbed collagen by body tissues.Therefore, women who want to replenish collagen may wish to eat more fish, and the best cooking methods are stewed, boiled, grilled and soup.


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Tips for supplementing collagen

Eat more oranges (such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits, grapefruits, etc.), carrots, tomatoes, grapes and other foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidant functions to reduce the effect of free radicals on collagen in the body. To destroy it, eat more foods rich in collagen to maintain youthful skin.


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