Women do not sunscreen, their skin ages fast!Must-see skin maintenance method!

In the hot summer days, skin problems are most likely to occur. Ultraviolet rays are the most important external factor that causes skin aging. Good sun protection can prevent skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, and dull complexion. The first thing to do in skin care is to do a good job of sun protection. "jobs!Of course, the more important thing is to do internal maintenance!


Sun protection is for skin health

Dermatologists pointed out that sun protection is not only for beauty, but also for maintaining skin health. To prevent skin aging and reduce the appearance of skin cancer, the easiest way is sun protection.Ultraviolet rays will expose the skin to various spots and wrinkles, the elasticity of collagen, the dilation of blood vessels, the thickening of the stratum corneum, etc., leading to solar aging and even skin cancer in severe cases.


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Sun exposure causes collagen loss

It can turn white after being tanned for a while. The hardest thing to save after sunburn is actually "collagen"!Ultraviolet rays will not only accelerate the production of wrinkles, but also cause the loss of collagen. The longer the time, the harder it is to remedy it!Generally, a slight sunburn will fade in about 1 to 2 days. Dry areas such as the tail of the eyes and cheekbones are prone to small fine lines. Such as long-term exposure to the sun, collagen loss causes wrinkles and the skin will look very old. .


Of course, it should also be noted that in addition to the violent sunlight, age is also a reason, which makes the skin mitochondria inactive, resulting in the reduction of skin collagen, wrinkles, skin allergies and aging...[Red Collagen White Pills] ...Powerful Sunshine UV Repair, Reduce photo-aging, inhibit erythema caused by ultraviolet radiation,Activate mitochondria of skin cells, Instantly induce the vitality of beautiful skin,One energizing, full youthful, Here you are... an extraordinary white slippery muscle!


Sunscreen must be applied when going out

Most people think that there is no problem if the skin is not sunburned and tanned. Dermatologists advise to pay attention to the chronic skin changes after UV exposure, cool the skin if necessary, and perform after-sun maintenance, such as applying a facial mask, appropriate moisturizing and skin care, etc.; It is also recommended not to go out as much as possible from 10 am to 2 pm; if you go out, you should also wear sunscreen, use a hat or umbrella to protect from the sun, and it is best to wear sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.


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