The older you get, the less elastic your skin?The real reason is...

As we get older, but our body functions decline, the skin will become less elastic, and the skin condition will become more and more sluggish, and the appearance of sagging, sagging, dryness, wrinkles, dullness, roughness, and yellow face will be delayed. Aging and keeping the skin young is exactly what every lady dreams of!Let us understand the real reason why skin is becoming less elastic!


Collagen determines the youthful state of the skin

Young skin is rich in collagen, which revitalizes the skin and strengthens the skin's natural repair ability, and continues to maintain skin health.Therefore, it can increase the content of collagen, strengthen the function of cell repair mechanism, and prolong cell life; and can enhance the activity of collagen, which can help stimulate the increase of collagen production, help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and maintain elasticity.


The older you get, the more serious the loss of collagen

With the increase of age, the skin's collagen synthesis ability decreases year by year, and the collagen stored in youth is also gradually lost.Comparing the changes of collagen in young cells and aging cells, it can be found that young skin has a strong metabolism, strong cell activity, and periodic production of collagen that helps skin repair, which can repair external pollution and bring free radicals to the skin. The damage made the skin full of elasticity, suppleness and plumpness; while the aging cells are significantly degraded, their own activity is reduced, and the ability to produce collagen is also weakened.


Collagen loss and skin aging

The amount and activity of collagen in skin cells will directly affect the state of skin cells, and the state of skin cells will also be directly reflected on the skin.With age, when the skin's self-repairing ability is not enough to cope with the accumulation of skin damage, the skin will inevitably show signs of aging, rough stratum corneum, fine lines and wrinkles, skin dullness, sagging, sagging, dryness and other problems.


"Red collagen" activates cell activity and promotes skin's own collagen production

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