4 kinds of big belly, which do you belong to?Fat reduction is very different!

Reduce bellyFirst of all, we must distinguish which kind of belly, and the random formulation of a weight-loss strategy is doomed to failure!High-fat and high-sugar diet, insufficient exercise and incorrect posture......Do you really know what the "original sin" of your belly is?Which digestion products should I take?

1. Beer belly-Low-calorie diet

Don’t think that beer belly is a "patent" for middle-aged men. In fact, many women also have "Central obesity"The question is, people with beer belly are 8 times more likely to have high blood pressure, 5 times more likely to get coronary heart disease, and 7 times more likely to get diabetes!To get rid of this belly, it is advisable to do more activities and a low-calorie diet, then cooperate[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-The 7th generation of Belly Cut, Taken before meals every day2GrainsAmerica's pure 98% CoQ10 enzyme,Refined 20,000FU Natto Enzyme,canPowerful fat-dissolving, nourishing heart and blood vessels, The effect of eliminating belly3 times upgrade!

2. Stress belly-go to bed early and get up early

If the weight loss is not effective, it is necessary to suspect that there is not only fat in the stomach, but also a lot of stool!The irregular diet of Hong Kong people and the high pressure have caused a serious decrease in bowel volume, and the stool has become a hard belly!If you want to detox your body and mind, you should go to bed early, get up early and relax, take the medicines on the marketMost active ingredientsOf[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-The 7th generation of Belly Cut.15Active ingredients helpRegulate metabolic rateOfPure aloe essence,Buckthorn Skin EssenceMoreLive bowel defecation.Help youQuickly lose belly!

3. Thin bottom belly-Correct posture

Thin people have big belly?Extreme menus and excessive exercise will hurt you!Monotonous and excessive exercise, a single menu, etc. may make the lower abdomen protrude, and people with thin belly are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease![Belly Cut Pro Expert]-The 7th generation of Belly CutRichfat burningAndHealthy heartOfCoQ10Enzyme,canOpen blood vesselsOfNatto Enzyme, Let youEliminate bellyat the same timeStrengthen myocardial functionAt the same time, you should exercise all parts of the body equally, perform appropriate stretching and stretching exercises, and correct bad postures!

4. Inflatable belly-improve the stomach

A flat abdomen bulges from morning to night over time, it may be a gastrointestinal problem!The causes of inflated belly include eating habits, food allergies, etc. You need to avoid allergenic foods, such as bread, candy, alcohol, and dairy products, and you need to take a walk after meals to remove intestinal gas!Aloe Vera,Buckthorn Skin EssenceAndBitter Orange ExtractOfLive bowel defecationThe effect can be described as "God-level", and[Belly Cut Pro Expert]-The 7th generation of Belly CutWith all of the above super essences, it is no wonder that it is called a "expanding expert"!Solar eclipse, guaranteedDiminish the belly healthy!