5 signs of skin aging before age

someone said25The beauty before one year old is given to you by God,25You must rely on your own maintenance after age.25Age is a watershed for women. Because of physical functions, dermal fibers begin to age, skin tension and elasticity decrease, facial muscles begin to relax, and skin aging symptoms emerge one by one.

1. Dry lines and fine lines appear

When you find dynamic lines on your face, such as frown lines, forehead lines, and nose lines, you should be more vigilant, because as you age, your skin's elasticity and firmness become less as before, and if facial expressions are too large or excessive, fine lines will It will gradually become wrinkles.No.1 one second essenceImpliesImperata cylindrica fermented essence, Inject moisture into the skin,Activate myocytes, Promote collagen synthesis,Leaves skin smooth and plump, Bouncing and slippery!No.1 one second essenceAlso includedMistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence.Can tighten skin.Recover dry lines and fine lines on the surface.

2. Small spots appear on the cheeks

pass25At the age of age, the problem of "photoaging" causes abnormal and disordered pigments in the body, and the growth of new cells in the body slows down. If the aging cells are not discharged smoothly in time, the melanin on the muscle bottom will slowly accumulate and the cheeks begin to appear. Freckles, chloasma and other problems.No.1 one second essenceContainsBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence, Can reduce pigment production,Fades stains, Remove aging tissues, make skinReply white.No.1 one second essenceInsideSake fermentation essencePossibleBrighten skin.Fermented soybean extractcanEffective moisturizing, 3 kinds of ingredients have a synergistic effect, complement each other and play a better whitening effect!

3. The skin texture gradually changes

Decreased moisture is one of the main causes of aging. As age increases, the content of natural moisturizing factors in the skin's stratum corneum decreases, so that the moisture in the skin decreases. This change will even affect the skin's texture!Just use in the morning and eveningFermented soybean extractOfNo.1 one second essence, Effectively balance the pH of natural skin, promote the formation of moisturizing factors,Tighten skin moisture.Leaves skin moist and shiny.

4. Dark circles and acne marks will last for a long time

I have said before that body functions are gradually aging, and many circulatory mechanisms in the body will slow down one by one, and the skin's metabolic function will decline, making blood circulation unsmooth, causing melanin to gradually deposit on the muscle base, making the skin around the eyes brown.Even if you have enough sleep, dark circles under the eyes will not go away for a long time, and acne marks are the same!No.1 one second essenceIncludingBrown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceTo help youSkin whitening, Coupled with the small molecule, can1 second to penetrate the bottom of the muscleTo achieve high efficiencyDeep repairAndDouble the repair effect, For your skinAnti-aging and whitening, Make you fall in love with one use!

5. The pores move to both sides

When the skin's elasticity gradually disappears, the pores will also move in position at the same time, sending out a distress signal.The shape will gradually expand from the original oval shape to both sides of the cheek, becoming flat and flat.When the skin is aging, the pores will gradually become water droplets and appearYThe type sinks, which shows that the pores have entered the aging stage. If left alone, the pores will be arranged in a straight line, like wrinkles.No.1 one second essenceImpliesSake fermentation essencePossibleStrengthen skin DNA, Make the skin clear and shiny,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essenceHelp youRemove aging cuticle, Make the skinDelicate and silky.