Are there really "preservative-free" skin care products?You need to know "lactic acid bacteria"!

Whether it is food, coating or industrial use, preservatives are everywhere in our lives!And it has always been linked to words such as "chemical substances", "harmful to the body/skin", "harmful", etc., making ladies feel guilty of smelling "corrupt"!Are there any "natural preservatives" products on the market? What is the principle of "natural preservatives"?

"Sun spots" or "freckles"? Two kinds of stain discrimination and prevention methods

In the hot summer, even if you dodge from the left to the right, you will always be exposed to the sun when you go out. If you don't have enough sun protection measures, your cheekbones will have more spots at any time!How do these stains form?How to prevent it?Learn about the two or three things about spots immediately to keep your skin young and flawless!

10 kinds of foods to help you burn fat, reduce your belly fat all by eating awareness!

If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you must know that for every 1°C drop in body temperature, the metabolic rate will decrease by 12%, making the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen become fat!The key to thin abdomen lies in diet. You diet every day but your weight does not lose but to increase?Be careful!Certain foods can lower your body temperature. Only by "eating awareness" can you really burn fat and reduce your belly fat and help you eat, live, and lose weight!

After 15 minutes of exposure, the skin will "heat aging"! 3 quick-acting skin cooling methods

You know that ultraviolet rays will cause the skin to age rapidly, so you have been careful to protect your skin, but do you know that temperature is no less harmful to the skin than ultraviolet rays?Just look at how high temperature harms the skin, and how to "see tricks" to keep your skin young and up!

Can't skin white?Because you don't know whitening! Deconstruction of 7 whitening fallacies

I believe that many ladies have the same troubles, that is, they tried to use a lot of whitening products, but the skin tone is still dull, and the spots are still lingering. Even if they work hard, it seems to be futile!Want to know the reason?Just because your whitening concept was wrong from the beginning!Now take a look at the following whitening fallacy how many items you have won!

5 signs of skin aging before age

Some people say that the beauty before the age of 25 is given to you by God, after the age of 25, you have to take care of yourself. The age of 25 is a watershed for women. Because of physical functions, dermal fibers begin to age, skin tension and elasticity decrease, facial muscles begin to relax, and skin aging symptoms emerge one by one.

The middle-aged man wants to dismantle the bomb, hurry up and lose his belly!

Many men can’t guess their age just by looking at their appearance, but there is something that reveals their age—middle-aged big belly!It’s hard to escape the "beer belly" when entering middle age, so just let it happen?Wrong!In addition to being unsightly, your belly can also explode health bombs on your back, which can explode your blood vessels and have a stroke at any time!Observe the following rules to remove fat and prevent the risk of "three highs" explosion!

10 kinds of diet to clear the stool, help you lose your belly!

Constipation is a problem that every Hong Kong person who lacks exercise will face sooner or later!A person of medium build can hide 3-6 kg of feces, allowing you to have a huge belly!Chinese medicine also pointed out that the toxins produced in the stool can affect the digestive system and reach all parts of the body through the blood, becoming the number one enemy of health and skin!Look at how to detoxify and get rid of belly with diet remedies!

Lay a good foundation and create a fake makeup of Hanmei water light feeling!

I tested 17 moisturizing creams available in Hong Kong, and found that brand-name and expensive products are not necessarily the best, and more than half of the products were tested to have allergenic and skin irritating ingredients. Long-term use will cause damage to the skin.In fact, it is not enough to rely on moisturizing products to moisturize the skin. You have to pay attention to skills and knowledge. If you want to avoid dryness in the winter, have you done the following?

Eliminate the big belly! 6 "must be thin" diet rules!

Burn fat and reduce your belly. "Know your food"!Three meals a day are equivalent to three opportunities to lose weight. If you eat it wrong, you will be wasted, making you obese indefinitely!Speaking of "satisfaction", there is one "artifact" that you can't miss—[Belly Cut Pro Expert of Belly Cut Pro]—the 3th generation of belly pill!In addition to helping you effectively eliminate belly fat, burn fat and reduce belly fat, it can also strengthen your heart and "stabilize the three highs" and unclog your blood vessels. If you continue to take it and follow the following dietary rules, it will not be thin or difficult!

Your skin care routine is out?Skin has entered the era of "micro repair"

Cleansing, toning, and facial creams are the basic skin care routines that any woman will remember when she dreams. Entering the 22nd century, everything is pursuing a "new" word. Women are not reconciled to the concept of skin care only in these three steps.The skin essence, which has become popular in recent years, has changed the entire beauty industry. Its appearance has made skin care steps more detailed and simplified, breaking the old traditional basic repair thinking, "micro repair" The era began.

10 tips to make you lose fat easily

You know that bad daily habits, such as lack of exercise and gluttony, will "fatify" your belly. If you want to reduce the obnoxious fat, you have to "level it out" with your daily efforts!If you want to live your bowels and bowel movements, burn fat and lose your body weight, and regain the youngest body shape, the following 10 good habits must be adhered to!