ASANA 360 Eye Young Pro (90 Capsules)

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Effect usage

[Eye Replenishing Supplement] Developed in South Korea, it contains 13 kinds of anti-aging and replenishing eye nutrition and metabolic enzymes, repairing eye cells from oxidative damage, quickly moisturizing the eye mask, and soothing dry eyes and eyesight.

[Eye Supplement] Specially selected thirteen global high-efficiency anti-aging eye health ingredients such as European wild blueberry, South American pure DHA&EPA fish oil, pure German vitamin E with 1000 IU per gram, etc., and also with unique anti-oxidant double enzyme ingredients including SOD enzyme with activity of 3000 IU and CoQ99.4 enzyme with purity of 10% can quickly stop the hardening of eye lens, repair eye cells from oxidative damage, effectively resist eye aging, and quickly improve presbyopia, blindfold and dry eyes.
Soothes dry eyes and scratched eyes on the same day> Moisturizes the eyes on the 3rd, and reads easily> Improves eye gels, astringent eyes and blindfold on the 7th> Regulates eye drops, eye marks, and eyelids on the 14th> No more redness and eye pain on the 21st > On the 30th, the symptoms of presbyopia will be resolved, and I can see the fine print.> Long-term food restores youthful eyes and clear vision

"Quick Repair Period" for the first month, once a day in the morning and evening, two capsules each time

And thereafter is the "long-acting health care period", once a day in the morning and evening, one capsule each time

Ingredient verification

Omega 3, taurine, millet grass extract, lutein lipids, ginkgo extract, grape seed extract, honey, soybean oil, wild blueberry extract, lecithin, coenzyme CoQ10, vitamin E, zeaxanthin, cinerrin , Superoxide dismutase SOD.

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