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2222 Golden Cordyceps-Ginseng Stem Cell
Healthy Functional Food Clinical Edition (60 capsules)

If you want to win this war against the epidemic, you must have both internal and external defenses!Masks can provide rational crop protection and block droplet infection; immunity is the imperial forest guard against virus invasion by the human body, making you and your family safe from poison.

Cordyceps is a health treasure containing Cordyceps polysaccharides, which can effectively improve immunity, nourish the lungs and replenish qi. The user's evidence is particularly effective for respiratory discomfort, and it can relieve symptoms as soon as possible. "Clinical version of Golden Cordyceps" is rich in Cordyceps polysaccharides, 1 capsule is equivalent to 1 stick of 222.2 mg Cordyceps, which is more expensive and more effective than other CS4 Cordyceps planting mycelium CS4 in the market. "Clinical version of Golden Cordyceps" protects your family's health and acts as your anti-drug warrior.


The clinical version of "Golden Cordyceps" is very effective in regulating the deficiency of the body. Preliminary user tests have confirmed* that the clinical version of "Golden Cordyceps" improves various health problems caused by lung, kidney, qi and blood deficiency.

Lung deficiency: 100% improved nasal allergies, qi sensitivity, and night sweats (night sweating)

Kidney deficiency: 100% improvement of not being able to stand for a long time, 83% improvement of frequent toileting at night, 70% improvement of waist and knee weakness

Deficiency of Qi: 100% improvement of physical strength, slow recovery, insufficient gas, not wanting to speak, 89% improvement of fatigue

Blood deficiency: 100% improvement of insomnia, insomnia, inability to wake up, and inattention

*ASANA 360 user test results from September to November 2014



"Powerful Diet", XNUMX capsules a day

"Effective diet", two capsules a day



60 capsules per box