To tighten skin, lift up contours and smooth wrinkles

Immediate effect with just one drop

Rich in natural and effective Australian Merino Plazenta Essence, combined with the Rose Stem Cells that grow in the severe cold Swiss Alps, perfuse energy into cells to regenerate protein peptides and amino acids to your skin, penetrate deeply into the cells, and quickly increase cell density. To smooth wrinkles and make the skin tightened instantly, and restore your ultimate youthfulness.

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Flatten belly in 7 days, keep in style!

Replace exercise, enjoy food without worries!

Avoid high level of blood sugar, lipid and pressure, stay healthy!

ASANA XNUMX GXNUMX Belly Cut ProIt can satisfy your three wishes of "stay stylish, keep fit and maintain health"!

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Brand Story...

ASANA 360 GLOBAL LIMITED is a Hong Kong company with a 20-year history of Korean brands. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the principle of "Comprehensive · Confidence · Care" to provide customers with a full range of skin care, slimming, and health products; life beauty, medical beauty and light testing, etc. A plan for a healthy life with professional medical services. ASANA 360 will become strategic partners with a number of listed companies and well-known companies; the "ASANA 360" APP mobile application has been launched, combined with A360 COIN, to strive to create a "prestigious and healthy consumption platform" with the most users in the Asia-Pacific region.