ASANA 360 Mahjong King Competition Terms and Conditions

  • All JOY.360 and JOY.INFINITY members can participate for free; A360 members need to become JOY.360 members to participate; non-member registration fee is HKD 350.
  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation text message one day before the competition to remind you of the date and time of the competition. Please attend on time.
  • Each member can only register once. Repeated registrations will be cancelled, and the first registration time will prevail.
  • Each member can only change the time or be absent for one unexcused absence. Repeated rescheduling or absence for more than one time will result in disqualification from the trials.
  • Participants are required to arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the start of the trial to register and arrange a seat. 5 minutes late will be considered an absence.
  • Participants need to be present before starting the competition. If there are 2 people absent from each station, the 2 stations will be arranged as 1 table; Considered a rescheduled or unexcused absence.
  • Participants must meet the vaccination requirements specified under the "Vaccine Pass" before admission.
  • The competition is bound by the relevant terms and conditions. ASANA 360 Global Limited reserves the right to change the rules at any time and reserves the right of final decision without prior notice.
used in every match

ASANA 360 Golden Age Sparrow Set

Score Calculation Form



fan number



out gun




4 x 3 



8 x 3 



12 x 3 



16 x 3 



24 x 3 



32 x 3 



48 x 3 



64 x 3 


ASANA 360 Mahjong King Preliminary Competition Basic Rules

  • Chips only are used for scoring games, and gambling is strictly prohibited during games.
  • The game will be played in the form of Guangdong thirteen-card mahjong, with flower tiles and a total of 144 tiles (18 buildings).
  • Each game is counted in two laps (both east and south circles are 8 rounds, no Lianzhuang) or 60 minutes (if the legal time is up but the game is still going on, then this round is the last round) minutes, whichever is shorter.
  • Three-Fan Gai: You must have three or more cards in your hand before you can eat it, otherwise it will be considered a fraud.
  • The highest number is ten, if you touch the tail, you have to touch the tail card and play it.
  • First "take the seat" to determine the seats of the four houses and the house.
  • When there is a clear-fu in front of the door, all the cards in the hand are hidden hands, and there is no clear card.
  • Concealed Kong - There are four identical cards in the concealed hand, which can be taken out to open a concealed kong.Opening a concealed kong can be performed after one draws a card (including after the owner has matched a card, or after making up a kong), but one cannot (simultaneously) open a kong after hitting or touching a card.First show the four cards to the three opponents to confirm that they are the same, and then place the four cards in the lower left position of your own dark hand.Open all four.After that, "make up the bar".
  • Fraudulent - those who eat "fraudulent" will be fined the points for playing the highest routine card, and the other three players will not get extra points.
  • Big Sanyuan Nine Chapters and any Twelve Chapters (including cards other than all of one color) need to be covered, and the exposed kong needs to be covered, and the self-drawing of the kong does not need to be covered.
  • Set double sound, no cut-off.
  • There are professional scorers present for scoring in each game. Scoring is the responsibility of the scorers. After each game, the scorers should be asked for instructions/called for scoring. However, the four teams are also responsible for checking and must ensure Scored correctly.When the scorer asks the four players to confirm that the count is correct, they will write it down on the score sheet. At the same time, the four players should also hand over the corresponding number of chips. The score cannot be modified after the score is recorded and the chips are exchanged.After the game is over, the scoring staff will also check the chips of the 4 players for final confirmation.
  • For other detailed rules, please refer to the competition rules of the Hong Kong Mahjong Association and the rules posted on the day.