[$360 Home Fair] ASANA 80 Psoralen-Knee Repair Formula (XNUMX Capsules)

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Effect usage

Psoralen-"Knee Pain Formula" developed by South Korea. It is a breakthrough special-strength psoralen formula for knee pain.MSMBone nutrient, frankincense essence and mussels are aimed at repairing knee fascia and cartilage tissue, lubricating joints, allowing you to quickly repel knee pain and return to movement freely.

Psoralen- "Knee Pain Formula" uses two clinically proven active ingredients-egg membrane extract and hop extract, which are proven to quickly relieve knee pain and make knee joints strong, not sore or soft!Helps you quickly reduce knee pain, repair knee joint wear, lubricate knee joint corrosion, knee no longer sore, knee joint movement freely, strengthen knee cartilage and calcium and magnesium.

Good Joint Pro-Knee Pain Formula Same Day Knee Pain > 7Stretching smoothly > 28Strong knee > Changshi comprehensively helps you repair the abrasion and degeneration of your knee joints.


The first month is the "quick repair period", once a day in the morning and evening, two capsules each time

And thereafter is the "long-acting health care period", once a day, two capsules each time

Ingredient verification

American famous and pureBiovaflexEgg film essence, American purePerluxan HopHop essence,New Zealand deep sea pure mucin, Irish deep sea red seaweed extract, famous in the United StatesOpti-MSMBone nutrient, Indian pure and natural frankincense essence

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