ASANA 360 Osteopsin - Joint Repair Loose Formula (90 Capsules)

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Effect usage

"Psoralen" is developed by South Korea, and has revolutionary joint repair patent ingredientsSerrazimesAndSODEnzyme, with6Dabugu analgesic ingredients, instantly relieve joint pain and soreness, help you relieve bone pain, stop strain, and relieve joint pain, numbness, numbness, and softness!

Exclusive to "Psoralen"8Dabugu analgesic ingredients can quickly relieve pain and repair cartilage, so as to relieve joint pain and softness, and comprehensively combat joint aging.Patented ingredients for joint repairSerrazimesAndSODEnzymes, effectively improve joint pain, stiffness and joint swelling; vitaminsEIt can remove free radicals that cause the aging and chronic decline of articular cartilage, and protect it from aging and damage; frankincense extract and mucilage can relieve pain, shark chondroitin andMSMBone nutrient can lubricate joints, repair and strengthen cartilage,Omega 3Deep sea fish oil can flexible joints and help you move flexibly!


Psoralen relieves joint pain and pain > 3Eliminate joint swelling, numbness, and susceptibility > 7Repel tight, rigid joints and rattles > 14No more joint pain, soreness, swelling, stubbornness, deepness, and numbness > 21Visibly strong joints, relaxed, flexible and smooth > 30Strengthen articular cartilage, fascia, tendons, ligaments, deep repair joints > Changshi comprehensively helps you repair bones and joints.


"Quick Repair Period" for the first month, once a day in the morning and evening, two capsules each time

And thereafter is the "long-acting health care period", once a day in the morning and evening, one capsule each time

Ingredient verification

American PureSODEnzymes, American PureSerrapeptidasePsoralen Enzyme, Indian Pure Frankincense Extract, South American Pure Omega3Deep sea fish oil, New Zealand pure mucilage powder, Australia pure shark chondroitin, American pureMSMBone nutrient, German pure vitaminE

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