[$360 Home Fair] ASANA 3 Golden Maitake Mushroom-Three Generation Pure Edition ( 60pieces)

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Effect usage

[Golden Maitake] The Maitake mushroom used is a medicinal fungus plant in the East, belonging to the Polyporaceae family.Maitake mushrooms, especially grown in Korea and Japan, contain unique maitake mushroom polysaccharides, a proteoglycan, also known as D-Fraction.These proteoglycans are more unique and effective than Ganoderma and Yunzhi polysaccharides.Many years of studies on the pharmacological effects of Maitake Mushroom D-Fraction have shown that Maitake D-Fraction has the functions of enhancing physical fitness, resistance and maintaining cell health, and has the functions of reducing stress, anti-fatigue, anti-hypertension, and regulating blood sugar and blood lipids.

[Golden Maitake], more refined and purer than the previous generation, carefully selected two major treasures of Japan and South Korea, gold Maitake mushrooms, the production is scarce, recognized as a precious and nourishing treasure, refined by Korean biotechnology, so that each grain contains Maitake mushroom polysaccharides It is as high as 48mg, which is twice as much as the previous generation. It is unique in the market.Provides higher-value nutrition, is easier to absorb, and has stronger anti-oxidation effect. It is aimed at modern people's long-term physical fatigue, insomnia and weakness.Helps you to balance the internal organs, replenish aging and weak physique after stubborn illness, strengthen immunity, improve weak dizziness and sleep quality, and let you regain health and good spirits every day!
See results today, just sleep in the sky, no longer wake up in the middle of the night> 3 days of energy, full of vitality> Long food to strengthen physical fitness, cell health

The first month is the "quick repair period", once a day in the morning and evening, two capsules each time

And thereafter is the "long-term health care period", once every night before going to bed, two capsules each time

Ingredient verification

Maitake mushroom extract, aminobutyric acid, collagen, vegetable capsule (cellulose), anticaking agent (E460(i), microcrystalline cellulose), silicon (silica dioxide), tagatose, crystalline glucose, magnesium (stearic acid) Magnesium acid).

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