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Intellectual copyright

In order for you to obtain a safe and enjoyable shopping experience on this website, the company lists the following terms of use, so that you can better understand the company's expectations of both parties.Please note that when you log in to this website and its connected websites (collectively referred to as "website"), it means that you have accepted and abide by these terms.The company also recommends that you carefully read the "Privacy Policy" of this website.

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Trademark and copyright

All pages and content of this website, including product names, text content, pictures, designs and icons ("documents"), and the copyrights and trademarks of the company's registered names, logos and trademarks belong to the company and its affiliates.The company also holds all the rights, ownership and interests in the above-mentioned intellectual property, and no one can use the above-mentioned intellectual property of the company for any purpose without the permission of the company and its affiliates.

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Website usage

This website is currently only used to provide online information and as a shopping medium.All content on the website shall not be used for any commercial purposes (including reproduction, transmission, dissemination, sale, broadcasting, distribution, republication, adaptation, or redistribution in the same format or technology).The information and communication content of this website can only be used in legal ways. All materials that violate the terms of this website and any harmful and threatening materials shall not be posted or transmitted.The company reserves (but has no obligation and responsibility) the right to prohibit and remove these data.

Compensation and limitation of liability

If you incur losses to the company due to your violation of the ordering terms or any actions while using this website, you agree to compensate and make up for the company's losses, expenses, damages and expenses (including reasonable legal fees).You also agree that the company will not be liable for any losses incurred by you from using this website; you also agree to waive any compensation from the company.If this statement does not apply to individual examples, the company's liability will not exceed the amount you paid for products or services on this website.

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This website will provide links to other websites. When you select these links, you will leave this website.These linked websites are not within the control of the company, so the company will not be responsible for the content of other linked websites and their updates and changes.This website provides website links for your convenience. The company will not be responsible for publishing or receiving the content of any of these linked websites, and the use and content of these websites does not represent the company's position.


Sending email messages to the company via the Internet does not guarantee complete security.If you send information to the company via the Internet or the company sends you information via the Internet at your request and incurs any loss, the company is not responsible.The company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or corresponding losses incurred or related to the use of this website.

Data transmission via the Internet

Due to the nature of the Internet, transactions or transmission of information via the Internet may be affected by interference, transmission interruption, delayed transmission or transmission data errors.The company is not responsible for the failure of communication facilities beyond the control of the company that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of your transmission of information and transactions.

stop using

When the company finds any behavior that harms this website, the company or a third party, or violates the law, the company has the right to suspend or terminate any person's access to all or part of the website without prior notice.

Modification of terms

These terms of use will be modified when necessary, so please read the terms of use and ordering conditions in detail before you shop on this website.

Legal supervision

These terms of use will be supervised by Hong Kong laws and understood in accordance with Hong Kong laws. You agree that the Hong Kong courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes and claims regarding the terms of use and subscription terms.