ASANA 360 Signature Treatment flagship store

ASANA 360 Premium Beauty Therapy flagship store occupies an area of ​​25,000 square feet. The royal style of decoration is low-key and luxurious, bringing noble and superior hospitality, making your experience the ultimate and sublime.

The flagship store of Zunshang Beauty Therapy has extremely private royal suites and quiet and comfortable treatment rooms, providing you with 6-star personalized signature treatments, allowing you to transcend the age limit!

TOP 10 highlights

1. A beautiful and grand lobby

2. Luxurious VIP and members area

3. Dinning area

4. Hallway of Time

5. Premium Suites

6. Double Suites

7. Treatment rooms

8. Resting area

9. Changing room

10. Showering cubical


A beautiful and grand lobby

With the concept of Infinity being the theme for the designXNUMX star level of luxurious environment

6 star luxury environment


Luxurious VIP and members area

Time Reversal

Dual-colour marble concierge stage

Stylish interior design showcasing superiority

360 surrounding LED lit screen


Dinning area

Presidential level catering and dinning service

Seasonal menu with care for your health and preferences


Hallway of Time

Fully circular edgeless design


Superior royal area with soft carpet

Low-key luxury leather wall decoration

Soft lighting and spacious area


Premium Suites

Exclusive access to luxurious rooms


Vertical screen private shower

In-room Check in and out service

Aesthetic makeup vanity and individual wardrobe

Imported showering products and hairdryer

Extra-thick energy beauty treatment mattress

Royal status members get priority bookings


Double Suites

Connecting twin rooms


Sharing treatment moments with close friends and family

Chat and communicate without obstacles

Bond and strengthen relationships


Treatment rooms

28% larger than average treatment rooms on the market


Extra-thick energy beauty treatment mattress

Noble standard soft to the touch comfortable beddings

Quality sound-proofing provides one with peace and silence


Premium display


Intimate and personalized service

Full of respect and superiority



Changing room

Elegant European theme and style


Circular edgeless and spacious changing area

European top-class hairdryer

Eight-core water filtration system


Showering cubical

Royal spa design


Aromatherapy shower

Vertical screen private shower

Superior bathing supplies

Drive away tiredness and enjoy joyfulness