Do you know how to make sure the water is locked?The correct way to moisturize turned out to be...

Regardless of the weather, moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin is the primary skin care task of every woman.However, it is not enough to rely on moisturizing creams. It is necessary to cooperate with daily skin care knowledge to reduce the chance of skin moisture loss. "Moisturizing" is actually divided into two levels. After understanding the difference between the two, it is not difficult to think that the skin is always moisturized.

Skin moisture is everything

Decreased skin moisture is the main source of aging. The fullness, smoothness, brightness and hydration of the skin depend on the moisture content of the skin. As long as the sebum membrane is kept hydrated and healthy, the skin can be kept hydrated at all times. It helps to delay skin aging problems.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply a moisturizing and water-locking effect immediatelyNo.1 one second essence, Contained in the ingredientsSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented Essence, For the skinAdd water.Imperata cylindrica fermented essenceCan make the skin moreBouncy.Mistletoe Yeast Fermented EssencecanTighten pores.No.1 one second essenceEffectively open up the skin's penetration channel, amplify the absorption capacity, make subsequent products quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, and double the effect!

Replenish water first and then lock water

The correct way to moisturize the skin is to first moisturize the bottom dermis of the skin and provide sufficient moisture.Dry climate, air-conditioning environment and strong sunlight will cause the moisture in the stratum corneum to evaporate. Simply moisturizing the skin is a cure for the symptoms rather than the root cause.Therefore, you also need to lock the moisture in the skin to prevent it from being evaporated. This is a complete "moisturizing" program. First, add moisture to the skin, and then firmly lock the moisture in the bottom of the skin. .

No.1 one second essenceNatural ingredients.No preservatives,No alcoholAndUnscented, Contains 6 kinds of fermented essence: Fermented soybean extract,Imperata cylindrica fermented essence,Sake fermentation essence,Brown rice lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Soy milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation essence,Mistletoe Yeast Fermented Essence.can1 second penetration.59 seconds wet, Lasting throughout the dayDeep moisturizingWater-locking effect, So you have it at all timesMoisturizing and brighteningOfFlawless tender skin!

Moisturizing can make skin plump and smooth

The purpose of moisturizing is to replenish the required moisture for the skin's natural moisturizing factors, play a deep hydrating effect, improve the skin's microcirculation, and make dry and dull skin immediately plump and bright.Hyaluronic acid is the most well-known hydrating ingredient. It is recognized as the best hydrating ingredient. It is safe, efficient, easy to absorb, does not cause allergies, and is less susceptible to external environmental influences.In recent years, vitaminsB3Has also become a moisturizing star, thanks to vitaminsB3The derivative nicotine amide, its molecule is very small, can penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin, in addition to moisturizing the skin, it can also increase the skin's collagen, prevent skin yellowing, and fight against the antioxidant problems caused by free radicals. The effect of whitening and hydrating.If combined with enzyme essence, it will also play a coordinating effect, greatly enhancing the moisturizing and beautifying effect.

When using whitening products, you can add moisturizingNo.1 one second essence!Mixed in whitening products for daily use  1-dropNo.1 one second essence,Apply evenly on the entire surface, continuous use can make the skinMoisturizing white smooth, Create a new look of skin!

Moisture lock provides a protective film for the skin

Because most of the hydrating molecules have the effect of absorbing water, they can bring water molecules in the air into the epidermal layer of the skin to supplement the dehydration problem of the lipids between skin cells.However, when encountering dry weather, the skin's epidermal layer does not have enough moisture, but it will absorb moisture from the inner layer of the skin, making the skin drier.Because of the high molecular density of the water-locking ingredients, they play a role in sealing the skin and form a protective film on the skin's epidermis to firmly lock the moisture together and prevent excessive loss of skin moisture. 

An excellent moisturizing product should gather water and lock water effects, andNo.1 one second essenceZhengzheng can provide the skin with these two needs in one go.ContainedSake yeast fermentation extract, It can increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the bottom of the muscle and increase the overall moisture content of the skin.Another ingredientSoybean Lactobacillus Fermented EssenceIt can also help the synthesis of lipids between skin cells, promote the formation of moisturizing factors, strengthen the water retention capacity of skin epidermal cells and lock skin moisture, so that the skin can restore elasticity and luster.Recommended to use immediately after cleansingNo.1 one second essence, Not only can enhance the skin's hydration and lock-in effect, but also double the effect of subsequent moisturizing products, leaving the skin with lasting moisture.